Informaxx's team of professionals, led by founder Pam Zion D'Aleo, has more than 20 years of unparalleled expertise in technical and non-technical communications projects and placements. Our success rates are high because we never take the middle of the road. We focus on achieving results for our clients -- results that lead to increases in productivity, a competitive edge, and a stronger image.

We know that the most direct route to a successful engagement or placement requires more than just the right resume. It takes knowing the terrain. We are experienced in the industries we serve and the types of positions we fill. So, we are able to quickly get up to speed, devise an appropriate solution, and present individuals that are best suited for your projects or staff positions.

Our goal is simple -- by the time we reach the finish line, we want you to have had such a satisfactory experience that you'll call Informaxx for your next project or staff opening.

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